Resting mast cell

Dengue-activated mast cell


Graduated PhD Students


Fadhli and Ashley attended the European Congress of Immunology where Fadhli presented his work on MC-derived serotonin (Amsterdam, September 2018). 

Justin was awarded the best oral presentation award at the Duke-NUS Student Research Day symposium!

Ashley participated in the expert panel for the Immunology Workshop before the 3rd Dengue Asia Summit (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, July 2018)

Justin presented his data on the function of mast cells in the brain in a poster at the Keystone conference, New Frontiers in Neuroinflammation: What Happens When CNS and Periphery Meet? (Keystone, Colorado, June 2018)

Ashley and Justin attended the Lancet Summit: Inflammation and Immunity in Disorders of the Brain and Mind where Justin presented his work on the role of mast cells in viral encephalitis (Barcelona, November 2018).

Ashley spoke at the International Meeting on Emerging Diseases and Surveillance (IMED) about the lab's work on cross-reactive immune responses to flavivirus vaccines (Vienna, November 2018).

Ashley and Jozef attended the 11th International Respiratory Syncytial Virus Symposium where Jozef presented a poster on his work linking allergic disease to prior RSV infection (Asheville, North Carolina, October 2018).


Congratulations to Drs. Justin and Fadhli for defending their theses!!! They completed their PhDs back-to-back on October 9th and 10th, respectively.

Justin and Fadhli presented posters on their projects relating to interactions between flaviviruses and the immune system at the American Society for Clinical Investigation meeting (Chicago, April 2018) 

Jozef presented a poster on his work on the topic of mast cell responses to respiratory pathogens at the 2nd International Meeting on Respiratory Pathogens (Singapore, March 2018)

Ashley spoke at the 18th International Congress on Infectious Diseases (Buenos Aires, Argentina, March 2018) on vertical transmission of Zika virus infection.

Ashley spoke at the EMBO Workshop, Modelling Infectious Diseases in the Cell and Host, (Singapore January 2018) on the topic of mast cells in arbovirus infection and inflammation. 

Fadhli presented a poster at the Keystone Symposium, Frontiers of Serotonin Beyond the Brain (Park City, UT, November 2017) on the role of mast cell-derived serotonin in virus infection.

Ashley spoke at Cell Symposium on Emerging Infectious Diseases (Arlington, VA, October 2017) on the topic of maternal to fetal transmission of Zika virus infection. 

Abhay presented his work on fetal Zika virus infection at the Keystone Symposium, Maternal-Fetal Crosstalk: Harmony vs. Conflict (Washington D.C., October 2017)

Ashley participated in the NIAID Workshop, Kinks in the Armor: Bypassing the Immune Barriers of the Skin (Rockville, MD, September 2017).

Justin gave an oral presentation of his work on mast cell mediated neuroinflammation during Japanese Encephalitis virus infection at the International Union of Microbiological Societies (IUMS) 2017 Congress (Singapore, July 2017).


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